Serial Splitter

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO — an advanced all-in-one software solution which combines all the functionality of Serial Splitter and standard Virtual Serial Port Driver. The software is great for managing real and virtual COM port bundles, which makes it an ideal solution for a number of real-life applications.

Split and Join serial ports

Serail Port Splitter allows you to split a single physical COM port into multiple virtual COM ports that fully simulate the original port. You will be able to join multiple virtual serial ports to one physical for enhanced data transfer.

Create bundle connections

Complex COM port bundles can be created and managed allowing you to transmit COM port data IN and OUT of any number of physical or virtual COM ports. Creating main ports augments hardware control line management.

Switch ports automatically

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO (aka Serial Port Splitter) enables the connection of multiple physical serial ports to one virtual. A switcher function ensures your app is provided with a free COM port while seemingly connected to a single port.

Merge serial ports

Multiple apps and devices will be able to exchange data simultaneously by merging virtual COM ports and replicating transmissions. Unlimited virtual serial ports can be added to serial port bundles not divided into ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides.