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Share GPS serial data between apps with Virtual COM Port Driver PRO

GPS Splitter - split GPS data

The majority of people have been exposed to a GPS unit and have a basic understanding of what they are and how they are used. You may be unaware that you can extend the usefulness of a GPS unit and get more out of the device. As you probably know, a GPS receiver that is connected to a computer’s serial port is usually limited to communicating with a single program at a time.

Common problem

Here’s a situation for you to consider. You are using a GPS receiver to transmit data to your computer via its connection to a serial port. You are reading the GPS data being displayed by an application that is receiving the data. If you have multiple applications that can use the GPS transmission, you need to have the ability to send GPS data to more than one application simultaneously.

A Serial Port Splitter exists that lets you share GPS data quite easily. If you want a serial GPS device to be able to communicate with multiple applications at the same time, your best bet is to use GPS splitter software.

GPS Splitter

GPS data Splitter (Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO) from Electronic Team works as a GPS port splitter to enable a single device to have its signal shared among multiple applications. It accomplishes this feat by creating multiple virtual serial interfaces from a single physical serial port. This allows each application to share data being transmitted through the physical port by connecting to the device through its own virtual interface.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Split COM port between several apps
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 Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Here is what GPS Splitter can do for you

Split one hardware port into multiple virtual ports

Usually, a GPS tracking device can only transmit data to one device or application at a time. You need to keep the serial port available for the application that is to receive the data and ensure that no other app is connected to the interface. This limitation is eliminated when using a GPS serial data splitter. The GPS data splitter software makes it possible to share the GPS transmission between multiple serial applications.

GPS port splitter - share GPS tracking device between multiple serial applications

All connected applications receive the GPS data as it is sent from the device.

Take control over GPS device ports

Use of a GPS signal splitter allows you to gain more control over your system’s COM ports. The software allows you to create, delete, and disable the ports at any time.

Control GPS device ports

Here’s an example of a GPS splitter in use. You have a GPS device and a single serial port as well as two applications that you would like to use simultaneously with the GPS data.

Simply connect the device to the serial port and use the software to create two virtual ports. Now both applications can communicate with the device at the same time.

Redirect data from one port to another

GPS Splitter lets two devices interact with each other by redirecting data from one serial port to another one. When using GPS apps you often need to configure your COM2 port in a specific way. That can be done using GPS Splitter.

Redirect GPS receiver data

The software features many flexible settings which enable you to modify the software to operate based on your particular requirements.

Create bundles of GPS receiver ports

GPS Splitter enables you to use your virtual ports to create complex port bundles. You can create several data flows from a single virtual port and send them to other ports or consolidate multiple data flows into one.

Create bundles of GPS receiver ports

This feature can be useful when working with a GPS simulation application with two other programs. Data transmitted out through a virtual port can be split and read by the two programs at the OUT end of the bundle. This type of data traffic flow works in both directions.

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